Alligator Hunts

Alligator Hunts!

Alligator hunting is a popular activity in certain parts of the United States, particularly in the southeastern states where American alligators are native. The hunting season typically takes place in the late summer and early fall and is regulated by state wildlife agencies to ensure sustainable populations. Hunters typically use bait with wooden pegs, fishing rods with treble hooks, harpoons, crossbows, and a bang stick to dispatch the alligator. Alligator hunting is a challenging, exciting, and rewarding activity, as alligators are large and powerful modern-day dinosaurs.

Alligator Hunt Rates

Alligator hunts three day hunt only meals included.

$2500 8’-10’ (If we do not put an alligator in the boat on your hunt the total price of the hunt will be $1000 plus $250 per guest hunter)

$1000 trophy fee 10’1”-11’6”

$2000 dinosaur fee 11’7” plus

Limit of two guest hunters are allowed for $250 per guest


Starke, FL, United States

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